Two Poems

Insurgent Country

after Jesus Camp

Freeway billboard children
stick antenna tongues out

Air’s poised
sound on grass

What praise? sang the
microphone headset

Pious ashen depots—
their ache in tune

to somelips’ want
for giant camera rolling

Drunken hills, child actors
dead marbles

& brownbagged
privacy of home-script

America so vast and

Ways of Seeing

Ladies with obvious
bobby pins & names
on gold chains.

Old Millie &
her quick-draw
coupon clippers.

Old men kissing
at the barber shops.
Bunny Rutherford,

my finest affectation.
The priest calls it
a children’s homily

so as not to offend
his parishioners
with a plainly

drawn moral.
Perspective tells me
that the hooked

lamppost is
scolding its
offspring lamppost.

You watched me
like a boy watches
his invalid step-

mother, arriving
at her sickroom
with a tray of tonics.

When I see people
from high school
I usually greet them

by their last names
as if we had been
teammates together.

Becca Klaver is a founding editor of Switchback Books, a PhD candidate in Literatures in English at Rutgers University, and the author of the chapbook Inside a Red Corvette: A 90s Mix Tape (greying ghost press, 2009). Her first full-length collection of poetry, Los Angeles Liminal, is forthcoming from Kore Press.

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